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About location

Island Brać lies just across the Jadran, face to seashore from Split to Baśka Voda. It has regular ferryboat connections to Split and Makarska.

Main towns here on its northern bank they are Supetar (ferryboat harbour) and Postira.

Dol, with its 108 inhabitants is a marvelous village put on stones and rocks and made of stone, charming with its centuries’ old architecture, lies about one mile south from Postira in island’s interior – just a nice walk far.

It is not placed on the seashore but staying here will be touching feeling for a real conneseures, to whom sunburning is not the sole activity.

Unbelievable atmosphere of the ancient village placed over mass olive groves, vineyards and mandarin orchards, create hundreds years old cottages and houses with stone roofs. Each building here and each structure is a „mouth” through which centuries tell.

On tops of surrounding mountains there are numerous ancient chapels worth of sightseeing. Fantastic konobas (local old restaurants) offer delicious Dalmatian meals and winetheque shows how wine is here produced by ancient methods allowing anyone to be a keeper.

It’s fabulous scenery to write a good novel or poetry, create a symphony or paint an unforgettable landscape. An EXTRA place for EXTRA people, like from a fairy tale. And if bored – just a walk to Postira or by car to Supetar (6 miles at all).

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