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About location

Brać is the largest island on Middle Dalmatia and the third one of greatest in whole Dalmatia. It measures 394,57 km² and has 13.824 inhabitants. Vidova Gora is the highest mountain (778 m) of all Adrian islands. The largest towns here are Pucisca and Supetar.

Most famous is Brać for its quarry from where world's unique marble comes. Fabulous Diocletian's palace at Split and the Washington’s White House have been built of that very marble.

The village of Povlja situated on Eastern part of the Brać island, has a long and rich history stretching from Roman times until the present day. It is the site of Croatia's only octagonal baptistery with dome, which dates back to Early Christian times.

The Povlja Charter and Povlja Lintel are other important relicts from that time.

The origin of the name Povlja comes from the Latin word paulinus (Paul).
The harbour of Povlja was in Roman times called Portus paulianus or Paulia vallis, which was later slavized (slovenied?) to Paulia luka or Pavlja luka, which in turn became today's Povlja or Povja.

Spending holidays at Povlja once means a real danger to fall in love with this charming place for ever.

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