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About location

Trogir is a harbour town (12.500 inhabitants) on central Dalmatia Adriatic (Jadran) seashore. Trogir's Old Town – a charming heart of city - is situated on the island tied to land with old stone bridge and to Ciovo island with a bacsule brigde.

It is a place where centuries really tell their history. Since 1997 is Trogir inscribed on UNESCO's List of Wolrd's Cultural and Natural Heritage.
The town was founded by Greek settlers from Syracuse in II/III b.c. Some buildings from that time exist until today.

Local haven during Roman era was of great importance. History and existence of Trogir was meanwhile continuously interrupted by constant migrations of population, frequent destroying by Romans and immemorial other enemies incursions.

After Roman Empire fall was Trogir occupied by Byzantion. Here in II century Split bishop Dujam was sentenced to death and killed by Diocletian's order so punished for propagation of Christian religion.

In 1123 town was destroyed by saracens but soon regenerated on edge of XII/XIII century. In 1420 got Trogir under Venetian domination in course of its negative social, political but also economic influence.
Also during II World War stayed Trogir until its release in 1944 under Italian occupation.

It is marvellous and charming town, proud of its exceptional mediterranean climate, fantastic local kitchen and delicious local wines.
Weather ensures here annually upto 200 sunny days. Town is alive and young with its effervescence while showing every step along its splendid history and ancient roots. You will find there a.o. remains of fortifications from XI century recently reconstructed in XV century by Venetians. Main example of those times is Kamerlengo tower.

Walking through unique Trogir's Old Town will be great experience and anybody who put his feet here once surely will come here back ever and ever again. That's a place to learn a real “taste” of Dalmatia.

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