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About us

Dobrodošli – Welcome!

Origins of our fascination with Croatia are old as the hills. We came there  decades ago, separately and in different time. It hasn't been Croatia yet, it was Yugoslavia. Trip to Yugoslavia those days was a real trip to the West and impressions of such a journey were unforgettable. Taste of West for people from behind the "iron curtain" apart of pure  emotions of being in better part of Europe were increased by additional sensations of incredible climate and weather, unbelievable azzure sea and tropical palm-trees on the streets - different world, different life, indeed!  That was a place nobody of us was keen to come back and leave it,  but forced to keep it deep in heart for ever!  Missing it and ready to come there over and over again, for ever. Not to be forgotten.

The idea to offer such  opportunities to anybody else came to our minds much later. Trips to Yougoslavia were no more life expeditions to the West but became just long distance excursions to the South of Europe. Our own ties with Croatia were growing stronger and stronger.  We gained each year new friends, new contacts and new knowledge and experience. We learned habits, history, culture and language. Today is Croatia our second home and we are treated there as countrymen. We live in Croatia 25 percent of our life each year.

So in 2005 our first website was born. Just a simple one - www;jadranka.pl. Few years later we changed it and improved a bit.

Now we've been pressed by competition and a real crowd in Internet to do some more steps to improve our position. Website Jadranka.pl was easy to be found for people who know us. Chorwacja.co is more "frontal" - everybody looks for Croatia (Chorwacja) and so here we are!

Let us hope you will like us enough to come back here and come back again and again.
We also give just free a chance to keep from our knowledge to anybody. To everybody!

What our Clients say...

I was with Jadranka last year in Postira in apartment WBP 04. Frankly speaking - my opinion - it's sensation! It's not a typical travel office - just two people . who arrange travels to friends owned Summerhouses in Croatia. From the very start fantastic contact, prompt reactions - e-mails and phone-calls answered on spot, even after 23:00 hrs. Very nice people. We called them entering the ferry-boat to Brac island on landing point owners of apartment were expecting us already. Nice people. They didn't live there - we had half a building for ourselves (another half took another group of tourists). Owners gave us lot of leaflets and maps and twice brought us full bags of free fishes (quite not cheap lthere!). Perfect coditions. Villa new and extra equipped, air-conditon, big terrrace. Close to the sea. Our friends took another place from Jadranka (Ciovo island) and were also satisfied. I do recommend Postira, because it's the best place on Brac island. Bol jest too crowded I think.

Author: Guest:: Mark 26.01.09

Within last five years we were already in Slatine on Ciovo island, in Postira and Dol on Brac island and on the continent in Zaboric and Baska Voda. In every location we were fully satisfied, it was lovely, indeed. We recommend Jadranka!

Author: raspolund 15.01.07, 12:11

I do share above opinion about Jadranka.pl. Two times we have been travelling to Croatia with that agency. Both cases were 100% satisfaction. First time it was Postira on Brac island, second one Slatine on Ciovo island. Each choice meant fantastic location. Flats clean, new and well equiped. Close to sea. All in accordance with description. No complaints. Contact with the Agency positive. Mr. Robert with great patience and despite late evening hours was answering our questions and explaining each doubt. I recommend!

Author: de-mr 21.07.13

Meet the Team

Jadranka Tour is a small family business, just two of us. What we do is more our hobby than job. We have gained quite considerable knowlegde about Crroatia - the Land and the People - as well as lot of contacts, not only those of business kind.
We both speak fluently Croatian and our utmost is to deal efficiently, quickly but - last not the least - professionally.
During the hottest summer season period all our phones are active much longer one might presume.
The greatest attention we pay to stay in  your memories for good, to make you'd return to us again and again.

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