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Privacy policy

1. General information

  1. Service www.chorwacja.co is managed by Jadranka Tour Maria Jolanta Nowicka-Serafin
    (full information see: Contact).
  2. Service realizes function of gaining infos about users and their activities as follows:
    • By self inscribing forms.
    • By inserting in users' devices files called "cookie".
    • By gathering www server's logs by hosting operator Jadranka Tour Maria Jolanta Nowicka-Serafin, active under address www.chorwacja.co.

2. Forms' infos

  1. Service gathers infos supplied freely by users.
  2. Service may also record connections' infos (time, IP address).
  3. Data recorded in forms will not be delivered to third persons without user's permittance.
  4. Data inscribed or delivered in forms may create a set of potential clients, registered by Service Operator in Official record held by General Surveyor of Personal Data Protection (GIODO).
  5. Data given in form are processed in intent resulting itself from specified function of form in question e.g. in order to arrange settlement of received order or preparing an offer or another type of commercial contact.
  6. Data received from forms may be transferred to operating personnels realizing some technical attendances - particularly it refers to transfer user's data to Scientific and Academic Computer Net (NASK) being the operator of Internet and domains, payments and money transfer organizing subjects or others with whom Service Operator co-operates in running its activities.

3. Cookies Information

  1. Service uses cookies files.
  2. Cookies files are informatic data, especially text files, gathered in end appliances of Service users and attend to assist using of Service website. Cookies usually include the name of website they come down, time of their storing and unique serial number.
  3. Cookies files are set up to end user's appliances and keeping access to cookies is Service Operator.
  4. Cookies files are used in following purposes:
    • creating of statistics, explaining how Service users are using websites contents in order to improve sites' structures and contents;
    • holding users' sessions (after logging-in) so that users don't have to log-in again on each next sub-page of Service;
    • defining of user's profile in order to present him well-fitting materials in advertising nets, especially in Google net.
  5. Service uses two types of qualified types of cookies files: session cookies and persistent cookies. Session cookies are temporary files held in users end appliance until log-out and leaving out the website or closing the browser. Persistent cookies are kept in user's end appliance for a period specified in files' parameters or until they will be removed by user himself.
  6. Program to look through websites (Browser) usually suppose keeping cookies files in user's appliance. Users may change set-up themselves as each browser enables elimination of cookies. There is possibility of automatic blockade of cookies files. Detailed information may be found in Help or Options pages of browser.
  7. Limitation of usung cookies files may influence some functions available on website of Service.
  8. Cookies placed in user's end appliance may also be used by Service partners and advertising agents.
  9. It's recommended to read Privacy Politics regulations of such subjects as above in order to get acquainted with their cookies using principles as refer to statistics (Google Analytics).
  10. Cookies may be used by advertising nets, especially by Google to presentation of advertisements adjusted to the way user is surfing on Service website. In this purpose navigation's path and connection time infos may be kept.
  11. Regarding by Google gathered infos about his preferences, user may look over and edit contents of cookies files using following tool: https://www.google.com/ads/preferences/.

4. Server Logs

  1. Informations about some users' behaviours are subject of logging in server's layer. This data are used exclusively for Service management and to secure most efficient attendance of hosting's operating.
  2. Browsed funds are identified through URL addresses. Registered also may be:
    • incoming enquiry time,
    • reply despatch time,
    • user's station designation – identification made by protocol HTTP,
    • information of errors occured by realization of HTTP transaction,
    • URL address of previously visited website (referer link) – in case entering the Service took place via reference,
    • information about user's browser,
    • IP address info.
  3. Abave data will not be associated with definite persons reviewing sites.
  4. Above said data are not exclusively used for managing server purposes.

5. Data admittance

  1. Data admittance may take place only within frames of obligatory effected law.
  2. Data that enable a person's identification may be admitted by consent of that person only.
  3. Operator may be obliged to render gathered by Service data to limbs of the law and other official organs upon request within frames of obligatory effected law.

6. Cookies files management - how to render and withdraw acceptance?

  1. If the user doesn't want to get cookies files he may change his browser set-up. This is to be declared that switching off cookies files acceptance - essential for certifying processes - may inhibit but in some case also prevent using of websites.
  2. In order to manage set-up of cookies files choose browser system from listed below: