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Statute of Jadranka Tour

  1. Web Site www.chorwacja.co, called thereafter SERVICE enables:
    • presentation of offered apartments in Croatia;
    • presentation of apartments description, location, standard and equipment, view, sight and prices per night;
    • passing over all questions and enquiries, bookings and applying for additional information;
    • ordering via internet considered apartments.

    • selling of reservations follows via Internet, by phone calls to indicated phone and also mobiles';
    • any spoken arrangement has to be confirmed in written by e-mail, otherwise will be considered void;
    • the buyer is obliged to transfer indicated amount (reservation’s fee) to seller’s account as soon as possible;
    • the buyer will be also informed in written on amount of whole charge covering agreed staying in Croatia to be paid to the owner on his arrival.

    • reservation will be binding from the moment the reservation fee transfer has reached seller's bank account;
    • transfer income will be dully confirmed in written by seller via electronic mail;
    • full entire data of ordered apartment will be given to the buyer - apartment's address, owners name and address as well as all existing contacts – owners phone and mobile phone numbers (fax number if any) and e-mail address;
    • within next 96 hours respective written confirmation of binding reservation will be sent to buyer via electronic mail or fax by Croatian apartment's owner.

    • reservation fee is not refundable and serves to secure apartments' owners interests, thus will never be a subject of withdrawal;
    • apart of indicated charge covering entire stay in agreed apartment, the buyer will pay official local climatic tax if not in price included.

    • in case chosen apartment would be sold to other party within the period in-between order and money transfer income to sellers bank account, another apartment of the same standard will be put to buyers disposal in agreed period at the same price as previously agreed.

    • the seller will not be held responsible of any abnormal technical activities of service caused by objective forces and arising besides seller's ground or intercession;
    • the seller will also not be hold responsible for any technical and other problems arising upon surfing over his Internet website as well as technical breaks which may exist on part of webmaster.

    • the seller reminds of dangers and menaces which may occur by surfing in Internet, such risks as taking over (interception) of data in course of transmission by third parties.

    • both parties declare not to undertake any activities to present any kind of contents which might be considered against existing law.

    • ordering of apartment as well as its booking will be in every case considered as a confirmation of getting acquainted by the buyer with this Statute contents and regulations.

    • any changes and alterations of this statute will be done via this service www.chorwacja.co and will be valid since their presentation on this website.

    • all eventual disputes and/or quarrels arisen in fulfilling this statute and agreements done according to its contents will be settled with best will of all parties involved in conciliatory way;
    • would above said solution not bring reasonable solution, a trial/lowsuit with the court at sellers residence place will decide.

    • Service www.chorwacja.co is operated and owned by JADRANKA TOUR, Pl81-614 Gdynia, ul. Nauczycielska 16A/8 inscribed into Register of Legal Business Activities held by Preident of Gdynia under number 6922462, TAX register number: 586-134-07-28, Official Statistic number (REGON): 220348780.

    • Service Users personal data Administrator is - according to personal data protection law (Act od 29 August 1997 r. State Law Corpus No 133, pos. 883 according to later ammendments). Personal data are kept and processed by JADRANKA TOUR with retaining of due security means, according to Polish law. Personal data of Service users (Name, surname, address, phone number(s), e-mail address) will be processed solely in course of orders reception and offers preparation. Personal data despensation is deemed voluntary but is essential for making offers.