www.chorwacja.co Apartments - offers for each & all!


Navigation over this website is quite simple.

I. Basic function - searching for apartments for concrete number of persons separate on the land and on islands or freely when you don't care:

  • put number of persons into upper browser;
  • choose localization (land, islands or land/islands);
  • choose intended period of your stay;
  • click Search.

The list of shown offers write down (or repeatedly return to list) and read each listing as follows.

II. Searching by offers' symbols:

  • put symbol of an offer into lower browser and don't forget the space between letter symbol and number;
  • click Search.

III. Detailed searching your own way.

Construction of this website is alike reversed tree which means:

  • search starts from location devided to land and islands;
  • on each resort site there is its description with photos and folder Beaches;
  • folder Beaches contains general description of Croatian beaches and specimen of local ones plus their photos;
  • from the level of beaches you may return up clicking resort name;
  • below folder Beaches there are listed all offers/villas and houses located in that resort;
  • each villa presents own information card with photos and list od apartments existing in the building;
  • card of each apartment contains its detailed desription, photos, prices and calendar of occupation.

IV. Symbols of offers:

L means localization on the land:
LBRL means Brela;
LBR means Brodarica;
LBV means Baška Voda;
LDU means Dubrownik;
LKS means Kastel Stari;
LMA means Makarska;
LPI means Pisak;
LPG means Podgora;
LRŻ means Rażanj;
LRG means Rogoźnica;
LRU means Ruskamen;
LST means Split;
LTB means Tribunj;
LTI means Tisno;
LTR means Trogir;
LVI means Vinisce;
LVO means Vodice;
LVS means Vodice-Srima;
LŻA means Żaborić;

W means localization on islands:
WB is for Brać;
WC is for Ciovo;
WH is for Hvar;
WV is for Vis;

Third letter is for resort and thus:
WBD is for Dol on Brać;
WBP is for Postira on Brać;
WBPV is for Povlja on Brać;
WBS is for Splitska on Brać;

WCA is for Arbanija on Ciovo;
WCM is for Mastrinka on Ciovo;
WCMV is for Miševac on ciovo;
WCS is for Slatine on Ciovo;

WHR is for Hvar on Hvar;
WHM is for Milna on Hvar;
WVM is for Milna on Vis;
WVR is for Rukavac on Vis;
WVŻ is for Żenka on Vis;

Following next number is for object (villa/house),
second one after / is number of apartment.

Good luck!