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floral oil (bottle 0,5l) 12 kuns

sunflower oil 15-18 kuns

butter cube 12-18 kuns

fresh chicken kg 21 kuns

pork meat kg 28-40 kuns

sauerkraut 500g 3-4 kuns

grinded meat kg 25-40 kuns

beef kg 45 kuns

smoked sausage 500g 30-49 kuns

salami kg 50-120 kuns

smoked ham kg 47-130 kuns

bread loaf 5-12 kuns

margarine 500g 5-12 kuns

cheesekg 45-150 kuns

champinions 500g 11 kuns

yogurt natural 180g 2-3 kuns

yogurt fruity 180g 2-4 kuns

tuna preserves 140g 5-18 kuns

noodle 500g 4-12 kuns

rice 1kg 14-17 kuns

potatoes kg 5-8 kuns

tomatoes kg 5-10 kuns

mineral water 1,5 l 5-9 kuns

Coca-Cola 2 l 15-17 kuns

Croatian beer 0,5 l 5-6 kuns

Croatian wine 1 l 17-32 kuns

Macedonian wine 5 l (market KERUM) 75 kuns

Websites of Croatian supermarkets and markets:

TOMMY http://www.tommy.hr/

GETRO http://www.getro.hr/

PLODINE http://www.plodine.hr/

STUDENAC http://www.studenac.hr/

KONZUM http://www.konzum.hr/

LIDL http://www.lidl.hr/

Meals in restaurants and inns:


Cold appetizers 10-30 kuns

Hot appetizers 8-30 kuns

Salads 6-10 kuns

Soups 10-12 kuns

Grilled dish 50-100 kuns

Pizza 25-40 kuns

Frutti di mare (seafood) 45-100 kuns

Ready dishes 25-45 kuns

Dishes a la carte 30-80 kuns

Fish kg 99-200 kuns

Desserts 12-20 kuns

Ice-cream (ball) 5-8 kuns

Mineral water 1 l 15-18 kuns

Coca-Cola 0,25 l 10-12 kuns

Croatian beer 0,5 l 12-18 kuns

Croatian wine 1 l 50-100 kuns

Alcohols 0,03 l 12-25 kuns

We recommend restaurants and inns:

  • Gušt on road entry to Šibenik (from Trogir)
  • Zlatna Ribica in Brodarica by Šibenik
  • Arausa on Riva (pier boulevard) in Vodice
  • San Antonio in Tribunj by Vodice
  • Monika and Fontana on Riva (pier boulevard) in Trogir
  • Mali Porat i Neverin in Slatine on Ciovo island
  • Fife in Split (Matejuśka, end of Riva)
  • Kod Dunde Sitno Gornje, in mountains by Split
  • Toni in Dolu on Brać island
  • Vinotoka and Jastrog in Supetar on Brać island
  • Stori Komin in Malo Grablje by Milna on Hvar island